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National Justice Museum Restoration 10 - Yard Wall

In Nottingham’s Historic Lace Market area stands the National Justice Museum, situated within the grade II* listed Shire Hall, a building we have recently worked on.

Within the Historic Yard at the rear of the National Justice Museum; where inmates of the prison were able to take their exercise and might have been left out in the open elements for hours at a time. The wall spans the exterior length of the yard and needed restoration. An approximately 23-meter-long band running through the middle of the wall was visibly worn, with both pointing and brickwork crumbling away. We raked out and repointed the weathered brickwork with lime mortar, after replacing the worst of the crumbling bricks. As you can see, some of the original render remains on this wall. Sections that were loose were carefully removed so they could not cause any damage to visitors, or the building and sound render was left as a historic reminder.

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