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Historical Buildings and Structures

Restoring our Heritage

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Restore and Preserve Historic & Listed Buildings for generations to come, with the help of LDC Heritage Restoration’s expert services.

We’re fortunate to live amongst so much history preserved for so long in ancient and Historical & Listed Buildings.

Specialist Restoration and compassionate Conservation of them is essential for the sake of future generations.

Our range of Historical & Listed building Restoration and Conservation services include:

  • Consultation

  • Stone cleaning

  • Stone removal and resetting

  • Stone replacement

  • Carved stonework

  • Pointing

  • Rendering

  • Pinning

  • The use of lime mortar

With two decades of company experience our stonemasons have personal careers stretching back through several decades of using traditional and modern techniques, having worked on prestigious properties with organisations like English Heritage and the National Trust.

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Specialising in supplying expert stonemasonry work our team also extends to other expert trades such as carpentry, glazing and cleaning, enabling us to offer a main contractor service project managing your entire restoration to our exacting standards.

Whatever your stonemasonry needs you can trust in the specialists at LDC Heritage Restoration. 


Speak to one of our knowledgeable team to let us know your requirements and to arrange a free quotation. 

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