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Historic Garden Restoration

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

A recent project we have been working on is the restoration of the Hydrangea Garden at Darley Park in Derby.

Founded in 1984 by Derbyshire city council and Plant Heritage, the purpose of the hydrangea garden was to maintain hydrangeas and to ensure the survival of sub species such as the Hydrangea Paniculata. Originally native to regions of China, Japan, Korea and Russia, the collection at Darley Park is the singular national collection in the world. Likewise, it is the largest collection of hydrangeas in Britain and the third largest collection in the world, holding around 890 cultivar species. Since 2010 Hydrangea Derby Volunteers have been tasked with maintaining the gardens throughout the year.

LDC Heritage Restoration were initially employed by Derby City Council as a specialist contractor to survey the walls and compile a bill of quantities. Further posts shall detail our restoration work carried out at the Hydrangea Garden at Darley Park.

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