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Historic Hall Restoration 2 - Restoration of the Balustrade, Copings & Cornice

Restoration of balustrade, copings, and cornice

A recent project we have been working on is the restoration of Brackenhurst Main Hall in Southwell, Nottinghamshire

Brackenhurst main hall exhibits some beautiful stonework details including a balustrade that wraps around the roof parapet. To restore the balustrade to its full potential some sections had to be removed and around 150 of the columns had to be repaired with epoxy resin (as can be seen within the close-up images), or entirely replaced. The coping sat on top of the balustrade was also in need of repair due to cracks and large patches of lost stone due to weathering. These sections were again removed and replaced with new stone. Finally, the cornice was re covered in new lead around the entire stretch of the building.

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