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Historic Hall Restoration - History of the Hall

Introduction and History of the Hall

A recent project we have been working on is the restoration of Brackenhurst Main Hall in Southwell, Nottinghamshire

Commissioned by Reverend Thomas Cane of Halloughton, Brackenhurst main hall was completed in 1828 and has had many uses over the last 194 years. Situated within a 200-hectare estate, Reverend Thomas bred sheep and cattle on his land; sparking the estates link to farming and agriculture that continues today as it hosts Nottingham Trent University’s school of animal, rural and environmental sciences. Brackenhurst hall; named thus in 1901, formed the Nottinghamshire farming institute in 1949 after its role in the production of food proceeding the second world war. It was also used as an auxiliary military hospital during World War one and a weather station whilst under the ownership of William Hicking, a prominent wine merchant and breeder of dairy cows, who made Brackenhurst estate the beautiful site it is today.

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